The Mazda CX-7 Project The Mazda CX-7 Project

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CX-7 History

The CX-7 began production in 2007. Within a few years, reports of timing chains surfaced caused by the VVT (Variable Valve Timing) module.

In 2011, Mazda release a Special Service Program (SSP). Although, this program was meant to assist consumers with reimbursments, it has further alienated owners and has shown Mazda's true colors in assisting their loyal buyers.

There are several other issues with these crossovers that we would love to hear about.

Legal Action

Our goal is to collect owner information of those interested in pursuing a class-action lawsuit against Mazda North America. We feel there is enough scorned owners in regards to timing chain and turbo issues that we can effectively collect a settlement and/or reimbursement for consumers.

Once enough signatures are collected; emails addresses and contact information will be forwarded to a list of class-action attorneys in order to secure interest and begin proceedings. will be in contact with each owner, via email, every step of the process.